Annual All Group Spring Kickoff South Platte Paddling Trip

  • 04/06/2013
  • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • S. Platte River
Join Colorado Whitewater along with Rocky Mountain Canoe Club, Poudre Paddlers Club, Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club, High Country River Rafters & Pikes Peak River Runners for the all group paddle of the South Platte.  Click here to download a flyer about this event.
  • Casual flatwater (class I) day trip, suitable for novices, families. Bring your friends!
  • Pre-registration is not necessary. Membership is not required, though we encourage you to take this opportunity to join our organizations. Two trip choices: 1) To Kersey Bridge = 9 miles 2)To Kuner Bridge = 14 miles
  • Meet at the put-in at Riverside Park in Evans, CO at 9:00 a.m.
  • From the stop light in the middle of Evans on highway 85, go ½ mile east on 37th Street. Turn right onto Riverside Parkway; there should be a blue state patrol sign there. Go 1/4 mile south through the neighborhood. Go to the far (south) end of the main parking lot below the ballfields, and find us there next to the fence.
  • We will have a short meeting for everyone at 9:30 in the parking lot. Please unload boats and equipment promptly, and hand in waivers to your club coordinator (see below).
  • We will run two separate car shuttles to the two destinations. One driver per car is needed for the shuttle; everyone else stays behind to finish moving boats and for security. Please decide by the meeting time, which shuttle to join so that your car will end up at the right place.
  • Bring: Suitable canoe, kayak or inflatable. Also ESPECIALLY recommended is warm clothing, spare change of clothing, lunch, water, leak proof rubber boots and/or change of shoes (wet portage alert!), sunglasses, sun screen, sun hat, dry bag. Make sure children are well dressed for COLD water and air. Bring extra clothes and shoes for children!

Paddling Schedule (estimates only!):

  • Lunch stop at second dam, 12:30 pm
  • Kersey Bridge, 3:30 pm.
  • Kuner Bridge, 5:30 pm.

Safety Notices

  • Road Traffic: There is high-speed traffic on the roads at Kersey and Kuner bridges, not expecting pedestrians there. Please avoid a casual attitude about the road, and watch your children.
  • Kuner Destination: For those doing the longer trip, please use the second (southern) bridge at Kuner, and stay within the highway right of way. The first bridge and surroundings are heavily posted.
  • Caution is recommended for flows above 800 cfs for novices & families.
  • Dams: There are two dams that we must portage. At lower water levels, the safe portage at the first dam is a lift-over at the bank on river right (you will get your feet wet). The second dam has a short land portage on the left bank. (These portages get more difficult above 1000 cfs). Please use extreme caution around the diversion dams. It can be surprisingly easy to get sucked over the edge if you don't keep a respectable distance away. Let those familiar with the dams set up the route and portage first.
  • WAIVERS & PFD’s REQUIRED. There are normal boating risks involved; thus signed waivers and PFD's (life vests) are required. Cold springtime water; two dams to portage; submerged and overhanging trees; sometimes wires across river; unpredictable changes to river configuration; voracious gators; etc. Please Note: This is NOT an ACA sanctioned event.
  • Hypothermia. The water can be quite cold on a spring trip like this. One of the best defenses against hypothermia in case of a tip-over is to travel with one or more companion boats, so that you can quickly get assistance to dry land and a change of clothes.

Colorado Whitewater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  1312 17th St #76767, Denver, CO 80202

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