Debbie Hathaway

I began kayaking as a newly-minted empty-nester in 2006 and spent my first couple paddling summers enjoying the scenic Class 2 waters in Colorado.   Inconveniently, I could not roll that kayak, despite investing in a handful of roll clinics.  Eventually, I figured it out, which made kayaking so much less work!  Now, you’ll find me enjoying a great variety of rivers, from rocky Front Range creeks to big water in the
Grand Canyon, with an occasional mid-winter south-of-border excursion.  Being a late bloomer in the kayaking world with limited energy stores, my specialty is honing efficiency in paddling and endurance while maximizing enjoyment and relaxation on the water.  I became an ACA-certified instructor in 2013, training alongside several other CWers with Kent Ford, the “master” of efficiency.

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