66th Annual Training Camp May 19-21, 2023

The First BIG Whitewater Event of 2023


Training Camp is Colorado Whitewater’s greatest annual event, in terms of both size and scope.  
  • Improve their paddling skills on moving water with ACA certified instructors (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Share family-friendly off water fun and laughs with paddling friends, old and new.
  • Support Colorado Whitewater in this largest fund raising event of the year.
  • Get your paddling season rolling!

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, May 19-21, 2023

Arrowhead Point, 33975 US Hwy 24N, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211, United States 

Registration will include camping this year! There are plenty of group tent spots and RV sites are first come, first serve:


Additional Options need to be booked through the CW website, in addition to your training camp course registration. You will have to do two transactions:
Yurt (3)– Sleeps up to 4 - $200
Cottage (1)– Sleeps up to 6 - $300
Loft Cabin (2)– Sleeps up to 6, 4 comfortably - $300
Deluxe Cabin (3)–Sleeps up to 4 -$300

Please check the Arrowhead site for full descriptions/amenities/restrictions before choosing a lodging type.

Who Can Attend
  • You must be a Colorado Whitewater member to participate in on-water activities with the club at this event (for insurance purposes). Your membership must be current through May 21, 2023.  To join or renew, click here.
  • Families, friends, and children are welcome, whether they are boating or not. Non-boating children under the age of 10 are welcome to attend for Free. All other non-boating or non-volunteer attendees must register as a "Fun Hog". Children must be under adult supervision at all times.  
  • Kayaking kids who have some paddling experience, but are not already enrolled in the CW Kids Paddling Team must be 12 years or older by May 2023, weigh at least 50 lbs and must be accompanied in classes by a parent.  
  • Dogs are welcome but must be leashed and supervised at all times. 

Speaking of Dogs…

  • Arrowhead Point is pet friendly but they do have specific, strictly enforced policies including these 5 that dog owners MUST abide by:
  1. We do not permit unattended, aggressive, or noisy animals.
  2. You must pick up after your dog.
  3. Dogs cannot be left unattended in Arrowhead Point cabins or yurts.
  4. A six foot leash is required at all times, everywhere in the park.
  5. Dogs cannot be tethered to trees or other vegetation

Fees – How Much Does This Thing Cost?

Last day to sign up is 5/12/2023.

Refunds: Due to the difficulty of re-scheduling this large event, refunds are not available at this time.

What You Get for Your Money:

  • 2 Full-day on-river training sessions with ACA certified instructors
  • ...a ton of fun all weekend long!

Click Here to Register for Training Camp 2023!

Kayaker’s Skill Categories
PLEASE be conservative when evaluating your skills!

Boaters who have overestimated their abilities may be asked move to a different class or even to leave the river.  This is at the discretion of the Instructors and is intended to ensure the safety of the entire group. Besides, it’s much more fun to be at the top of your class rather than the bottom, losing your confidence and swimming every 30 yards or so, right?

Please Note: there is NO FLAT WATER INSTRUCTION at this event, everything we do will be discussion on dry land or practice in moving water.  If you are not ready for moving water, this is not the event for you.

You can BECOME qualified to participate in this event by:

Gear Note: Participants are required to provide their own modern kayaking equipment, including a full sized kayak. Play-boats are not appropriate for learning river skills in most of the classes offered (with the obvious exception of the play-boating classes!), and your instructor reserves the right to refuse service if your gear is not appropriate or safe. Our intent is not to exclude participation but to provide a safe environment that promotes learning for all. There are many options around Denver for gear rentals if needed.

In addition to appropriate boat, all participants will need a helmet, river shoes, type 3 or type 5
PFD, and appropriate dry top/pants/suit or other layers for the cold Arkansas water. Kayakers
should also have float bags and a skirt.

Click here for a full resolution PDF of the Skill Categories
Course Offering 2023

This year we will be offering Standup Paddleboarding and an Oaring Class through CRI!


Most classes will be separated into groups of ~6 students and availability is first come, first served. We will be running a waitlist and registering people if additional on water support and instruction become available.  All classes are for both days. Unlike past years, you can not take one course on Saturday and a different one on Sunday. 

  • Please register for the course you would like to take when booking. If you change your mind later, we can try to accommodate that, please reach out as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared for any kind of weather.  It could be 80 degrees, it could pour rain, it could snow. Seriously. Be prepared.
  • If you're a newer boater, make sure your boat FITS YOU and you have the 5 essentials (kayak, paddle, spray skirt, helmet and PFD) and appropriate clothing.

On Water Volunteers

  • Must be competent in Class III whitewater at a minimum.
  • Instructors are being asked to recruit their own support teams. If an instructor has asked you to assist with their class, please indicate who that instructor is when registering.
  • If you have not been asked to assist, we are still in need of volunteers with Class III or better boating skills and rescue experience.
  • The number of volunteers may be capped without notice!
Must Bring:
  • Full sized kayak (unless playboating)
  • Rescue vest
  • Throw rope
  • Knife
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit
Must be familiar with:
  • Boat based rescue techniques for people and equipment
  • Boat recovery techniques
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Swimmer rescues and assists
  • Current CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Recent swift water rescue training

Please keep in mind that this is a fund raising event, and the proceeds allow Colorado Whitewater to sponsor conservation activities such as river cleanups, special events, and helping protect and fix neglected or abused sections of rivers we've grown to love. Even though we are an all-volunteer organization, we are able to promote the sport of whitewater kayaking for all abilities - from newbies to the more experienced. Your support helps provide our members with ACA certified instructors, allows for discounted swiftwater safety classes, free CPR/First Aid training, and so much more!

Other Stuff You'll Need to Know If You Haven't Been to Training Camp Before

Cash registrations will NOT BE ACCEPTED at Training Camp - Not from Volunteers or anyone. 

But there will be other opportunities to spend cash, so don't leave your wallet at home!
  • Please register early so you don't miss out on the class you want! Plus, you'll save money.
  • Be prepared for any kind of weather.  It could be 80 degrees, it could pour rain, it could snow. Seriously. Be prepared.
  • If you're a newer boater, make sure your boat FITS YOU and you have the 5 essentials (kayak, paddle, spray skirt, helmet and PFD).
  • State Parks Passes cannot be bought at camp this year. They need to be purchased beforehand at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife site.
  • All volunteers and participants will receive a schedule and details by email the week of the event.
  • No matter what else you do, be prepared to have an AWESOME weekend!
There is a ton of information here!  Please read carefully and if your question is not answered in this posting you can email Brian Sweeney & April Hillman. Please include your phone number and best time to reach you.

Thank You to Our Event Sponsors:

You could win great, new gear! Thanks to these awesome companies:

 Contact us if you want to sponsor as well!

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