Clear Creek Peaks to Plains Trail

Status Updates

  • 6/3/24-6/4/24 - Highway 6 will be closed from 7pm to 7am both nights. If you are still in the canyon when they close, you'll need to go all the way around to I-70
  • 6/3/24-6/4/24 - Workers will be installing the ramps above and below the dam during the day. Please avoid Lower Clear Creek during the day. 
  • 6/4/24 - CW volunteers will be working with construction crews to remove the plastic form that looks like a snow plow currently on river left below the dam. If you would like to assist, please reach out to Nik White. This work is postponed until after the water comes back down.
  • 5/30/24 - For the next week, they will be doing rock scaling (pushing boulders down early that might fall on workers or trail users later) just below the dam site. There will be flaggers for the road, and flaggers for the river pausing traffic. Please listen to them and be kind. They are just trying to make sure rocks don't fall down on top of you.

The Peaks to Plains Trail is a trail that will eventually connect all the way from Union Station in Denver all the way to Glenwood Springs. One of the only remaining sections of this trail to be built is through Clear Creek Canyon from Golden to Idaho Springs. The county's website about the trail and construction can be found at

Sections are being built along the creek and Colorado Whitewater has been working for many years with Jefferson County Parks and Recreation and the contractors in charge of building the trail to maintain and improve boater access and safety in the creek corridor. This page is intended to inform the public about changes coming to the creek corridor that will affect boaters. We'll try to post updates after any meetings we have with the construction crews or trail planners. If you have questions, please reach out to CW's Access and Conservation Director Nik White either via email or on Facebook. 


The current section under construction goes from just above Tunnel 1 up to Hunstman Gulch, about a 1/4 mile below Rigor Mortis Rapid.