Poudre River Weekend 2022

  • 06/24/2022
  • 06/26/2022
  • 49 Hewlett Road, Bellevue CO 80512


  • This registration is for individuals who are camping on site but carpooling with someone else (you're a hero!) and that person has already registered their vehicle (either for walk-in camping or pickup/van). This registration does NOT allow you to bring your vehicle. Camping is Friday and Saturday nights. You will need to leave camp on Sunday afternoon after boating.
  • This registration is for those who live in the area, are staying elsewhere for the weekend or making a day trip.
  • This registration is only for approved cruise leaders and sweeps sleeping in their pickup or van camper (not just so your vehicle is close to your tent). If you're a couple, only one person should register for this and the other should register as a carpooler. No camper trailers. Camping sites are first come, first served. Camping is Friday and Saturday nights. You will need to leave camp on Sunday afternoon after boating.
  • This registration is for individuals who are bringing a vehicle and tent camping. Your car will be parked on forest service land immediately adjacent to our host's property but you will not be camping next to your car. If you bring a raft trailer it can be left near your car. No camper trailers. If someone is riding with you they should register as a Carpooler Attendee. Camping is Friday and Saturday nights. You will need to leave camp on Sunday afternoon after boating.

Registration is closed

FRIDAY UPDATE: Yeah, the weather isn't looking great but we're still going boating. Welcome to Colorado! Seriously, it is anticipated to be cooler than normal with a fair chance of showers so please come prepared with extra warm clothes, rain jacket and shelter if you have one. We are planning on having a wood fire if it isn't too windy. Please bring a propane firepit if you have one. Also, if you have a shade canopy / shelter to share you will be even more popular than ever. If someone has the ability to pick one up from Dede in Denver she'd be glad to lend it. If you're driving up for the day please arrive about 8:30. That way you can get checked in and sign up for cruises before the 9:00 group meeting. Thanks and look forward to seeing you on the river!

We're Going Back to the Poudre River June 24 - 26, 2022!

It's been several years but for 2022 CW is returning to the Poudre River for a great weekend of boating and comraderie. We will plan cruises for a variety of skill levels. As always, river weekends are not instructional events and are not suitable for those who have not had instruction or experience in whitewater kayaking or rafting. That said,  our friends at Rocky Mountain Adventures can offer instruction that weekend and rafting trips for friends or family that don't already boat. http://www.shoprma.com

CAMPING / REGISTRATION TYPES: Paul Radman is graciously letting us camp at his home right on the river. This is a private residence so be considerate. The address is 49 Hewlett Road, Bellevue CO 80512. This is just past Poudre Park. There is no cell service in the canyon so if your car doesn't have GPS be sure to look at a map before you come. There is room for some pickup/van campers and we're giving priority for these spots to approved cruise leaders and sweeps. We may open this up to others later. Most people will be walk-in tent camping with their cars parked on immediately adjacent forest service land. We are limiting the number of vehicles that will be allowed on site but have plenty of additional registration slots for those who either carpool or are day participants. To reiterate, If you want a pickup/van camping space you need to register for one and be approved to lead or sweep a cruise. Email Gail at gail80220@gmail.com to volunteer. Once those spaces are gone only walk-in tent camping is available. No sleeping is allowed on the forest service land, just parking vehicles.  We encourage car pooling. If you are doing so, one person should register for the vehicle spot and others should register as carpoolers. No camper trailers are allowed. Raft trailers are okay but will need to be parked on the forest service land.  

ACA Membership: CW encourages our members to also be members of the American Canoe Association (ACA). Not only does your $40/year individual membership support the mission and programs of the ACA, it also saves CW $10 per participant per event that we have to otherwise pay ACA for insurance, which frees up your CW membership dues for other CW programs. You can join here if interested Join ACA.


  • Members Only / Registration: You must register in advance and be a Colorado Whitewater member to attend, regardless if you boating or are just camping. This includes significant others and children. There is no cell service at the camp so if you are not on the list you will have to go back to Fort Collins, join and/or register, and bring back evidence of that.
  • Release Forms: Upon check-in everyone will need to sign releases for the entire weekend. This will be the typical ACA release as well as one that covers our hosts. This will be required for camping as well as participating on any cruises.
  • Skills / Gear: As a reminder, river weekends are not instructional events and are not suitable for those who have not had instruction or experience in whitewater kayaking or rafting. Although we're all there to support one another, plan on boating within your skill level. Minimum necessary equipment for all boaters includes helmet, river shoes, type 3 or type 5 personal flotation device, and appropriate dry top or other layers. Kayakers should also have their float bags and skirt. Inflatable kayaks and rafts must be intended for whitewater use - not the vulnerable ones from department or sporting goods stores. 
  • Fires: No wood burning fires are allowed. You can have propane fires and stoves at your individual campsites provided they do not damage our hosts' lawn, there are no fire restrictions in place prohibiting them, and they can be switched off if needed.
  • Dogs: Our hosts welcome dogs as long as they're under your control and don't leave our camping area. If this means a leash for your dog, please keep them on a leash. We can't have dogs roaming onto neighbors' properties. You also cannot leave your dog tied up or in your tent while you go boating. Obviously, you have to pick up after your dog, too.
  • Sunday Departure: We need to vacate Paul's on Sunday afternoon after boating. 

CRUISES: TBD but will include a spectrum of difficulty. I will have signup sheets for cruises at camp on Friday evening so you can see who is running what and if you can workout a carpool, go for it! We'll meet at 9:00am on Saturday and Sunday mornings to finalize cruises.  

    Questions? Email Gail at gail80220@gmail.com. Include "Poudre River Weekend" in the subject line.

    Colorado Whitewater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  1312 17th St #76767, Denver, CO 80202

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