Cruise - Steamboat Town Run, Yampa River (Class II-III)

  • 05/14/2016
  • Yampa River, near Steamboat Springs


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This cruise will be held on the Steamboat Town Run on the Yampa River near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Contact Jake Castle for more information.


The Steamboat Springs section of the Yampa river is approximately 4 miles appropriate for beginner and intermediate boaters. The majority of the run is class II, with one major hit called "Charlie's Hole" that is an unavoidable whitewater park feature rated at class II+ to III depending on the flow. At flows under 1300, the Yampa offers plenty of opportunity for catching on the fly surfs on SUP, duckies, and Kayaks. At flows over 1300, these surfs wash out and the river becomes a more downriver-oriented run. This run is easily lappable using the City bus transit system, and shuttles will only be needed for equipment. The Yampa is a "wild river" and is one of the few navigable rivers in Colorado that is absent of dam releases. Flows fluctuate based on daily temperatures and melting snowpack. Once the snow is gone, so is the water! Get at it while its high!

Note: This cruise leader is a SUP rider. While all boat types are appropriate, SUP participation is encouraged!

Important CW Cruise Information:

Please remember you are responsible for yourself on the river.  You are also responsible to the group.  Boat within your ability.  Don't take unnecessary risks.  Don't participate in a rescue if you are likely to become another victim.  Cruise Coordinators have the right to deny inclusion on a trip for any reason and they also have the right to request a participant to leave the river for any reason. Conditions change drastically with water level.

Do not show up to a cruise unannounced.  You must contact the cruise leader in advance as trips have participant limits and ability requirements.  If you are not going to make a scheduled event, you MUST let the leader know.  No-shows are inconsiderate.

Cruises and River Weekends are not instructional events.  You should have the skills necessary to safely navigate the section of river to be run. Only current CW members are allowed to participate in CW events.  Please bring your completed liability waiver to give to the leader for each event. Click here to download the waiver.

Some cruises may be above the ability level for some members and varying water levels can have an impact on the difficulty of the run. Please research the water level and run you are interested in doing. You can find some of this information at the River Levels webpage on our website.  Published resources include Colorado Rivers & Creeks 2 and Whitewater of the Southern Rockies.  If you are unsure if your ability matches the run at the predicted flow, discuss your boating resume with the trip leader.

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