2017 Cruises: Call for Trip Leaders

04/29/2017 11:11 AM | Anonymous

By Jessie Gunter

  It's almost run-off season, and that means it's time to get some cruises on the calendar!

What are cruises? For those interested in meeting up with other paddlers, CW offers free river cruises arranged by volunteer trip coordinators. These trips allow you to step it up and try a new section of river with the support of experienced lead and sweeps who know that section. Or if you have a favorite run, then simply come along and have fun with a group of boaters! The trips are not a teaching or training exercise, and members who participate are responsible for their own conduct and safety. 

We had an amazing cruise schedule last year thanks to a ton of awesome members who stepped up to lead trips. We were able to offer cruises almost every Saturday and/or Sunday from May till September, and I would really like to accomplish this again! We successfully provided opportunities for boaters to get out on the river safely on a ton of different riversa core function of Colorado Whitewater as a club and a community. 

To be a cruise leader, it is important that you are comfortable on the section you are leading, that you have previously had swiftwater rescue and CPR training and can assist with any swimmers or rescue situations while on the river. If you have any other questions about whether or not leading a cruise is right for you, please email me at CWcruises@gmail.com and I'd be happy to have a conversation about it!

Runs on which I would like to have at least one cruise planned at some point in the season—for any date:

-Shoshone (III) and Grizzly Creek (II+) on the Colorado

-Deckers (II+), Foxton (III+), Waterton (III+) 

-Taylor River (II-III+)

-Apple Valley on the St. Vrain (II+)

-Filter Plant (II+), Bridges (III) on the Poudre 

-Milk Run (II+), Fractions (III), Brown's Canyon (III+) on the Arkansas

-Pumphouse (II+) on the Colorado

-Any other ideas? Let's talk!

-Midweek cruises, SUP Cruises, and surfing parties are awesome too!

Please get in touch with me (Jessie Gunter) at CWcruises@gmail.com and let's get this season's cruise schedule going!

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