Tessa Prince

Tessa PrinceTessa joined the Colorado Whitewater board in 2020. She has been enjoying Colorado Whitewater and all it has to offer since she became a member in 2018. Her partner, David, an avid kayaker and member of CW for over 20 years, introduced her to kayaking and all the amazing whitewater enthusiasts in the club.

On her first day in a kayak at the practice pool, when Tessa had to practice exiting out from underneath her kayak after flipping over, it took her a full 10 minutes to get enough courage to flip the kayak over, but only about 1 second to get out! After getting over this hurdle, Tessa quickly fell in love with kayaking and found herself addicted. In 2020, she spent over 90 days on the river! Most of Tessa’s time on the river has been in a kayak, but she did find herself paddling a raft for a couple days. Her favorite river is the Arkansas and her favorite run is the Numbers.

When not on the river, Tessa enjoys lifting weights, skiing, and mountain biking. She currently resides in Silverthorne with David, but has lived all over Colorado since arriving from Maine in 2016.

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