Patrick Tooley

Patrick TooleyAlthough he didn't start kayaking until nearly 40, Patrick's meteoric rise as an international kayak phenom is the stuff of legend. In only his third year of boating, he became the oldest kayaker to successfully navigate the Tsangpo Gorge. The following year, running the Grand Canyon Canyon the Stikine blindfolded, he nearly drowned and swore off expeditionary kayaking. His friends report he hasn't been the same since. He then turned his attention to playboating and within six months introduced the now iconic "Threeley."

Although he quit the professional circuit in 2015, he still enjoys kayaking with friends. Unfortunately, even this isn't without risk. In May 2019, he and his friend (T.F.) were nearly incarcerated following an unfortunate incident in Westwater canyon involving a charred fire shovel, a can of white gasoline, and an empty bottle of Fireball.

But if you see him on the river, be sure to say hello. And ask to see the Threeley.

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Patrick Tooley

Patrick Tooley    Patrick Tooley

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