Jodi Lee

Jodi Lee

Jodi moved to Colorado in 2000 and about six months later met a guy who kayaked. She told him she grew up rafting in Idaho, Washington, and Canada and would love to learn how to kayak. So, he taught her how to kayak and she absolutely loved the sport and all the cool people I met... and, of course, him since they're now married.

In 2005, she took the playboating class at Colorado Whitewater's Training Camp, and met even more cool people to become friends with! The best advice she got that weekend was "You have a roll. Why are you scared to go upside down? In playboating you'll be going upside down a lot but it will make you a better boater." Well, that advice is still in her head after 15 years and she frequently takes playboating clinics to make her more confident. She's now a class IV kayaker with her favorite runs being Numbers, Browns, Westwater, Steven's Gulch through Bridges, and in 2019, she finally did Bailey. She rocked it! Jodi also enjoys skiing, competitive swimming, camping, mountain biking, gardening, and traveling.

Jodi joined the Board as the Advertising/Publicity Director from 2013 to 2017. After taking a break, she rejoined the Board in 2020.

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