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VOLUME 72  February 2016
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Waterfall Course in Chile
Colorado ACA-Instructor Teaches Waterfall Course in Chile
by April Lewandowski, CW Member

Chile is not only a place for Josh Oberleas, but a season. For the past seven years he's been guiding year-round, spending summers in Colorado teaching beginner kayakers for Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center in Salida and then heading to Chile for a South American summer teaching class IV/V paddlers how to go off waterfalls. Read more...
Soft Side Up SUP  RMOC Paddle Pass
Reel Paddling Film Festival Hosting the Reel Paddling Film Festival on March 30

There's no better way to get pumped for the season than to watch jaw-dropping paddling films with friends, food, drinks, and raffle prizes. CW is excited to be hosting this event again at The Oriental Theater. Read more...
Beginner Kayaking Class Beginner Kayaking Classes Start on February 28 - Spread the Word!

Do you know someone who's expressed interest in learning how to whitewater kayak? Maybe a coworker, a friend, or a relative? Encourage them to take our Beginner Kayaking Course. No prior experience or gear needed. Read more...
Boating Betties Boating Betties Program Continues to Grow

As our third season approaches for the Boating Betties program, we're seeing more and more women get involved. We now have instructional classes available for those who want a "tune up" before the season begins. Read more...
DRE Upcoming Events
Training Camp Diary
A Training Camp Diary
by Kirsten Frickle, CW Member

I had a few seasons of whitewater under my belt, but broke my shoulder and tore my rotator cuff a year earlier (in a kayaking incident, of course) and had become very timid in my boat. I was hoping to regain some confidence and get more comfortable in class III water. Read more...
Training Camp 2016 Training Camp Early Bird Discount of $125 through March 13

You might be thinking of ski season still, but kayak season is just around the corner. Registration is now open for Training Camp 2016! Sign up for a class by March 13 and get the "early bird" discount of only $125. Read more...
Kayak Classes and Open Pool Sessions Kayak Classes & Open Pool Sessions at Meyers Pool through April 24 

Whether you're trying out kayaking for the first time, hoping for a bomb-proof roll, or itching to get into a play boat, winter is the best season to practice these skills in a nice, warm pool. Read more...
We Want Your Input! Take the CW River Cruises Survey

Cruises, or river trips, are an important component of our club. For a beginner-intermediate boater, going on a cruise led by an experienced paddler is a great, safe way to experience Colorado rivers. Take the survey...
Swiftwater Safety Course ACA Swiftwater Rescue Clinic Fills Up in Only a Week

Wow! Our Swiftwater Rescue Clinic being offered May 7-8 has already filled up. If you missed out, then join our waitlist and we'll notify you if we add in an additional clinic. Read more...
How to Outfit Your PFD
Your PFD: A Multipurpose Utility Device
by Tommy Gram, instructor for CW's Swiftwater Course in May

A PFD is a crucial piece of gear for everyone who recreates on the river. In the most basic sense, it helps to keep us afloat when we become separated from our boat, board, or raft. PFDs not only keep us afloat but also serve as a multi-purpose utility device. Let's talk about some of the key components to look for when choosing a PFD and how I outfit my own. Read more...
Boulder Outdoor Center
Upcoming CW Events

February 28 - Beginner Kayaking Class: This course allows you to comfortably build your skills and gain confidence by the time you kayak a river for the first time. 

March 6 & 20 - Boating Betties Classes: A class for women, taught by women, to help tune-up or advance your skills before the season begins.

March 20 - Stroke Clinic: Instructors will assist you with perfecting the details of efficient strokes.

March 30 - Reel Paddling Film Festival: Get stoked for the 2016 paddling season with award-winning films, new friends, food, drinks, and prizes at The Oriental Theater.

April 3 - Intensive Roll Course: Ever tried to roll a kayak before? Tried but just didn't quite get it? Come learn the basic steps in mastering this essential skill.

April 3 - Preparing for Class 4 Course: This class is for kayakers who are confident on class 3 water, but want to step it up to class 4 with advance techniques.

April 3 - Hand Roll Clinic: You never know when you might drop your paddle and still need to roll up. Learn the steps to mastering the hand roll. 

April 17 - Beginner Kayaking Class: This course allows you to comfortably build your skills and gain confidence by the time you kayak a river for the first time. 

April 23 - 11th Annual South Platte River Clean-Up: This is an all-volunteer event to pick up trash along the South Platte River. Come help out and give back to your community.
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