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VOLUME 73  March 2016
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Don't Miss the Reel Paddling Film Festival on March 30

Get pumped for the season and watch jaw-dropping paddling films with friends, food, drinks, and raffle prizes. CW is excited to be hosting this event again at The Oriental Theater in Denver. Read more... 
DRE Upcoming Events

Save the Date: Spring Dinner 2016 - May 3

Join Colorado Whitewater for our annual spring dinner at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden. We have a very exciting guest speaker lined up! Stay tuned for details. 

South Platte Clean-Up - Spread the Word!

Colorado Whitewater is hosting the 11th Annual South Platte River Clean-Up on Saturday, April 23 in celebration of Earth Day in Denver. This is an all-volunteer event to pick up trash along the South Platte River. Read more...
RMOC Paddle PassSoft Side Up SUP

Go Kayaking More! - Announcing Monday Night Meet-Ups
by Nik White, CW Instructor

As one of the CW instructors, people often ask me what they should work on to become better kayakers. What skills are the most important to learn? Should they take a particular lesson? What do they need to do to be ready for Class III/IV/V whitewater? Unfortunately, most people who ask are disappointed with my answer because it is so simple. Read more...

Kayak Classes and Open Pool Sessions Kayak Classes & Open Pool Sessions at Meyers Pool through April 24 

Whether you're trying out kayaking for the first time, hoping for a bomb-proof roll, or itching to get into a play boat, winter is the best season to practice these skills in a nice, warm pool. Read more...
Don't Forget to Take the CW River Cruises Survey

Cruises, or river trips, are an important component of our club. For a beginner-intermediate boater, going on a cruise led by an experienced paddler is a great, safe way to experience Colorado rivers. Take the survey...

The Importance of Racing
by Sara-Mai Conway

Competition. When we hear that word, we immediately attach an emotional association. Competition. Our gut responds with fear, anxiety, excitement, curiosity, good and/or bad memories, and sometimes all of that. But it's always something. This is why it's important to compete. Read more...

Upcoming CW Events

March 20 - Boating Betties Class: A class for women, taught by women, to help tune-up or advance your skills before the season begins.

March 30 - Reel Paddling Film Festival: Get stoked for the 2016 paddling season with award-winning films, new friends, food, drinks, and prizes at The Oriental Theater.

April 3 - Intensive Roll Course: Ever tried to roll a kayak before? Tried but just didn't quite get it? Come learn the basic steps in mastering this essential skill.

April 3 - Preparing for Class 4 Course: This class is for kayakers who are confident on class 3 water, but want to step it up to class 4 with advanced techniques.

April 3 - Hand Roll Clinic: You never know when you might drop your paddle and still need to roll up. Learn the steps to mastering the hand roll. 

April 23 - 11th Annual South Platte River Clean-Up: This is an all-volunteer event to pick up trash along the South Platte River. Come help out and give back to your community.

May 22-24 - Training Camp: This is Colorado Whitewater's greatest annual event, in terms of both size and scope. 

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