CW Makes Donation for Maintenance of Bailey Put In

For those who enjoy paddling Bailey Canyon, you know what great access we have at both ends of the run.  But did you know that the put in is maintained exclusively with donations and volunteer labor?  This put in lies within the McGraw Memorial Park in Bailey, Colorado and is maintained by the Park County Historical Society with funds collected through a donation box at the restroom facility and other charitable donations, and through volunteers who actually do all of the work.  The efforts of this nonprofit organization go largely unnoticed as many users of the park are simply passing through along Highway 285.  However, boaters who visit this river regularly probably take notice of the cultivated flower beds, clean restrooms, gazebo with picnic table, historic buildings, bridge and train caboose, as well as easy access to the water.  Some may even have deposited cash in the box at the restroom facility.  This put in is arguably one of the best boater access points in North America.  Where else can you find a put in that you can drive to right off the highway, has spacious parking/room to lay out your gear, within walking distance of an alcohol, tobacco, firearms and marijuana shop, laundromat, restaurant and it has clean bathrooms with flush toilets and drinking water?!  God bless America!  So next time you are there, stuff a few dollars in the cash donation box and say hi to Maria at the liquor store when you buy your 30-pack of PBR.

Colorado Whitewater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  455 Sherman Street, Suite 300 Denver, CO 80203

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