Your Chance to Shape the Future of CW!

Our club functions due to the efforts of volunteers. If you have ideas on how to make the club better, there could be a place for you on the CW Board of Directors! Our board elections take place at the Annual Fall Dinner in October or November, and this could be a chance for you to give back to the sport and club.  Below is a list of the Board positions along with a brief description. Please give serious consideration to serving on our board and shaping the future of Colorado Whitewater. If interested, please contact the President of the board.

President - Responsible for general oversight of all aspects of the club and conducting monthly board meetings.

Vice President - Responsible for taking over for the President in his/her absence and other miscellaneous duties.

Treasurer - Responsible for general oversight of the financial status of the club, monitoring accounts receivable/accounts payable as well as issuing checks for club expenses.

Access/Conservation - Represents Colorado Whitewater in issues of access and conservation with respect to rivers. Also works with other organizations and events related to whitewater access & conservation.

Cruises - Responsible for creating and promoting a cruise schedule each season and coordinates volunteers to lead them.

Events - Responsible for coordinating & promoting club events including finding venues, speakers, meals, etc. Club events generally consist of a Spring Kickoff, Spring Dinner and Fall Dinner but may include other events.

Instruction - Responsible for creating and advertising the class schedule, arranging pool time for classes, recruiting new qualified instructors and organizing instructor training.  The Instruction Director is highly encouraged to create sub-committees to help with these tasks.

Insurance - Responsible for organizing and coordinating insurance matters for club events including collection and storage of liability waivers.

Legal - Responsible for assisting with club matters that implicate or involve certain legal issues.

Membership - Responsible for maintaining membership records & data on the club website. Also will communicate with members regarding lapsed memberships and helps solicit memberships at club and other events.

Merchandise - Board Member sells Colorado Whitewater gear to help promote and market the club at all Colorado Whitewater events (Spring/Fall Dinner, Training Camp, Movie Nights, all river weekends). This board member also reaches out to CW members to gain feedback on new items to offer club members such as T-shirt designs, hats, visors, stickers, beanies, sweatshirts, etc.

Publicity/Advertising - Responsible for oversight & coordinating the marketing efforts of the club consisting of ad sales, branding, producing promotional material, and partnerships with events and companies.

Safety - Responsible for creating and promoting whitewater safety courses each season.

Secretary - Responsible for taking minutes at board meetings & communicating with the  membership through email regarding club matters.

Spray Editor - Responsible for publishing & distributing the club newsletter, The Spray, according to the publication schedule. Duties include gathering contributions, layout, design and coordinating publishing with a printer.

Training Camp - Responsible for coordinating and promoting the club's annual Training Camp event.

Webmaster - Responsible for administering the club website.

Colorado Whitewater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  455 Sherman Street, Suite 300 Denver, CO 80203

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