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For those interested in meeting up with other paddlers, Colorado Whitewater offers free river cruises arranged by volunteer trip coordinators. These trips allow you to step it up and try a new section of river with the support of experienced lead and sweeps who know that section. Or if you have a favorite run, then simply come along and have fun with a group of boaters! The trips are not a teaching or training exercise, and members who participate are responsible for their own conduct and safety. 

Learn more about leading or participating on a cruise.

In order to participate in any cruise, you must be a CW member and sign a waiver for each cruise:

Waiver (Adult)   |   Waiver (Minor)

Monday Beginners Meetup is back! (South Denver)

Finding people to paddle with is hard when you're new to kayaking. To help out, we're continuing last season's Monday Night Meetup (NOT an official CW cruise) to paddle after work in South Denver. Come join Ruth Eipper and Matt Coggon for some paddling fun! We'll meet at the Reynolds Landing Park parking lot in Littleton (at the end of Brewery Lane off of Santa Fe) at 5:30pm every Monday night

Reynolds Landing Park has three easy class II drops in a quarter mile and a bike trail making it perfect for beginners and really easy to do laps. This also means if you can't make it right at 5:30 it is super easy to spot the group and hop in on whatever lap we're on! The whitewater is a shorter, less intimidating, and much better smelling version of Union Chutes. It also happens to be right next to the new Breckenridge Brewery Farmhouse location for post boating refreshment for those interested!

This meetup is open for anyone who has had at least one day of instruction in a boat on moving water. We may be able to make accommodations for people who have at least had a full series of pool lessons but please let the leader know early via email so we can help get you prepared. Again, this isn't a class, a clinic, or a CW cruise - just an informal meetup of folks who want to paddle together. 

If you have any other questions, please contact Ruth Eipper

The 2017 Cruise Schedule (So far - check back often for new cruises)

Please contact the cruise leader directly to sign up for the cruise and find out the logistics for the trip. Particularly for Class III sections of river, the cruise leader may ask you about your paddling experience to make sure that they comfortable leading you on the trip. 


May 13th: Cemetery, Black Bridge to Two Rivers  (II), Colorado River - Dick Alweis


May 27th (CKS Paddlefest): Milk Run (II+), Arkansas River - Brooke Smith

May 28th (CKS Paddlefest): Family/Kid focused Milk Run lap - Meet Peter Holcombe at the Jackson Kayak booth on South Main a little before 2pm


June 4th: Apple Valley (II+), St. Vrain - Ron Huffmeier

June 10th: Apple Valley (II+) or Filter Plant (II+) - Ron Huffmeier

June 10th: Fractions (III), Arkansas River - Dick Alweis

June 17th: Apple Valley (II+) or Filter Plant (II+) - Ron Huffmeier


July 1st: Filter Plant (II+) - Ron Huffmeier



September 2nd: Lower Blue (III), Green Mountain to Spring Road - Dick Alweis

BECOME A CRUISE LEADER OR SWEEP: We are always looking for experienced boaters to lead or sweep a trip. Contact Jessie Gunter to add your River Cruise to the schedule.

In order to participate in any cruise, you must be a CW member and sign a waiver for each cruise:

Waiver (Adult)   |   Waiver (Minor)

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